Do Beliefs Support a Care Giver?

This blog is  about caring for a loved one and dealing with the grief that comes along with terminal illness and death.
Although I have been a secular Jew and an atheist for all of my adult life, I am interested in how others as relatives or care givers deal with belief or non-belief while going through a very traumatic time.

My hope is to solicit and receive short essays that illuminate how beliefs, religious or non, affect people as they make their way through grief and then publish these responses on my blog.

I am not interested in what you believe as much as I am interested in how your beliefs affect your life in this difficult time.

In order for readers to understand and compare, I would like the responses to cover these issues as completely as possible. Write in the form of question and answer or just write in essay form.

  • What is your life situation – married/partner? How long?
  • Do you have a religious belief? What is it? Do you consider yourself devout?
  • How did you come to your beliefs?
  • Did your belief or level of belief or lack of belief play a significant role in your life prior to this crisis?
  • Did the onset of the crisis cause a disturbance/alteration in your belief?
  • What emotions did you feel in regards your belief and the impact of the disease?
  • Did you think differently, act differently?
  • Did the disease raise any questions/doubts?
  • Did you ever wish that your beliefs were different?
  • If so how have you dealt with these questions/doubts?
  • Did the initial reaction persist and have your beliefs changed?
  • Did your beliefs provide support?
  • Did the organizational structure/friends/fellow believers provide support?
  • Did you have to look/find/go without support?
  • Have your beliefs or the intensity of belief changed from before?
  • Are you more moderate or more devout now?

After I collect sufficient number (I have three already), these essays will be published on this blog either under your actual name or a pen name. (your choice) You and I will moderate any comments and will allow no comments questioning the substance of your beliefs.
IMO, your beliefs are what they are and I respect that.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or email me at

I hope to publish these short essays the first week in December so draft essays will need to be in by Thanksgiving to all some editing time.
You will have final approval and nothing gets published that you don’t approve.
If you would be willing to participate, send your name and your belief (religious or not) to

I’d rather everything come as a document attached to an email
BE CERTAIN to have your name in the title of the document
I will reply if necessary with edits and questions.
Don’t worry about length, say what you think.
Be aware that if I have ten essays saying the same thing, I may have to collapse them or pick a representative one.

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