A Caretaker Brings His Loved One Home

Jackie has been home for two days and the change is shocking.

Her understanding is perhaps 10% of what it was.
She cries a lot in the morning and each time she realizes she doesn’t understand what he clearly knew before. She has a difficult time getting going in the morning with her arthritis so I bring her breakfast in bed and then get her to the toilet, changed and downstairs. Her understanding is very, very limited and she only says a few words. She needs a lot of help with all activities of daily life and is generally very confused. The biggest issue is her unwillingness to take meds, so I grind them up and hope that works.

A caregiver will be coming Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons to start and I hope that I can become stronger in my emotional state. Clearly, people have persisted with more difficult situations and there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to make it with her here – for at least some time.

Once downstairs, she seems better, she wanders around looks at plants and out the windows, puts away clean dishes – almost at random. I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff, including adult coloring books and pencils to try to keep her engaged with things.

I hope she rebounds a bit.

We’ll see.

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