The first thing a caregiver wants to know

Inevitably, once the diagnosis is made and the shock has worn off a bit, the first thing a caregiver wants to know is how any disease-related dementia will progress.

The progress of most dementias is like a large boulder rolling down a hill; it is impossible to predict the exact path and the damage but the inevitable is that it cannot be stopped until it reaches the bottom. The last two weeks have been stressful; my wife has suffered another significant loss in her ability to speak, she often just gives up after a bit of word salad.

I know she is still in there because she functions, albeit in a narrow range of activities and very, very slowly. Her sleep periods are strangely different, sometimes up very late then sleeping until mid-afternoon. Invariably she will clean the kitchen, make the counters neater than I’ve left them, all after I’m asleep.

One good thing happened. She said that a woman who has stayed with her before can start coming again. That takes some pressure off of me and gives me a bit of hope that I can have some time to do photography again.

I do appreciate your reading these blog posts and I hope you will find the time to comment about any, or even all of them.

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