The Interaction of Religious Beliefs and Care Giving

About two weeks ago, I published a post saying that I was collecting a series of essays by caregivers on the interaction between their religious beliefs – or none – and care giving. I didn’t care so much about what they believed as I did about how it affected them during this difficult time.
To try to give some similar form to these essays so that readers could compare them in some general way, I sent each essayist a series of questions* and asked them to respond in some general way around those questions. I responded with questions to try and clear up points that I didn’t understand in what they wrote but, in general, left them to their own devices.
Some of these essayists wanted their names used, some wanted to be anonymous. To even the playing fields, I have listed all of the essays with pen names. They can ‘out’ themselves if they wish.

Clicking any of these links below will open a new page in your browser. Thanks for reading.
The pen names are my impressions of what they believe themselves to be, not a value judgement, just convenient, and the links are listed alphabetically:
Convert to Atheism
 Christian Female
Devout Christian Male
Quiet Christian
Secular Jew

Comments are invited but be aware that any comment that denigrates any opinion or is insulting in any way will be deleted. These essayists bared their thoughts and feelings and deserve the readers respect, regardless of agreement or not.

  • *
    What is your life situation – married/partner? How long?
    Do you have a religious belief? What is it? Do you consider yourself devout?
    How did you come to your beliefs?
    Did your belief or level of belief or lack of belief play a significant role in your life prior to this crisis?
    Did the onset of the crisis cause a disturbance/alteration in your belief?
    What emotions did you feel in regards your belief and the impact of the disease?
    Did you think differently, act differently?
    Did the disease raise any questions/doubts?
    Did you ever wish that your beliefs were different?
    If so how have you dealt with these questions/doubts?
    Did the initial reaction persist and have your beliefs changed?
    Did your beliefs provide support?
    Did the organizational structure/friends/fellow believers provide support?
    Did you have to look/find/go without support?
    Have your beliefs or the intensity of belief changed from before?
    Are you more moderate or more devout now?

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