My good friend, my lawyer

I am about to write a sentence that may never have been seen before in print. I had a long meeting with an attorney yesterday and emerged feeling incredibly relieved and happy.

The attorney who did our trust 3 years ago prior to diagnosis recommended a highly-thought-of attorney to deal with slightly complex situations.
The new guy sent me a sheaf of questionnaires which I dutifully filled out. Then yesterday, we showed up with the papers, a copy of our trust and a bunch of other ‘stuff.’ My beloved sat quietly after the hellos and during the entire 2.5 session. The result was a complex strategy to protect both of us and especially to provide oversight for Jackie if I predecease before she does.


On the way home Jackie was very quiet. When we got indoors she sat quietly for a while the, when I asked, started crying. She had understood only small snippets of the conversation, had formed a completely wrong impression and had this inchoate fear that she would be left without anything and there wouldn’t be anything for the children.

So for a solid hour I tried to condense what we were doing and convince her, in sentences that she could grasp, that was being done was specifically to protect her and the children. Finally, I just ended up hugging her and repeating alternately the she will be fine and that I loved her.

Then I slept for ten hours.

And in a grand ending.


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