Sitting in Dunkin Donuts

Two or three times a week, I go out to the library and then have coffee in the local Dunkin Donus that sits on the street a mile or so from my home. I like to sit in the corner and read, drink my coffee and watch people go by. Occasionally a child will wander over and say hello (I must look non-threatening.)

The last three or four weeks I’ve seen a specific couple almost every visit. They usually sit in the same booth and they talk energetically, the woman smiling and knitting all the time.

Not surprisingly, that scene depresses me a little. 

Sometimes I get a chocolate donut to pay life back for cheating me out of that kind of fun.

2 thoughts on “Sitting in Dunkin Donuts”

  1. Lewis, Barry Rice here. I’m reading and thinking about your every post. I will write because it does give you a little distance from your everyday emotional situations as a “caregiver”. I’ve noticed changes in friendship and family relationships too. I have a close friend, retired architect who’s 85 and his wife is 65 and she has Alzheimer’s deep into the second stage and we have breakfast every Wednesday. I find that helps me try to understand more of what the future may be going forward. Con still has not been diagnosed but has two appointments coming up. Thank you Lewis for writing. Your friend, Barry

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