There may not be treatment for the patient but there is for the caregiver.

I suggest anyone in this kind of drawn out difficult situation try to write, even occasionally. 
Writing is an acquired skill like any art. At the same time as you are puzzling what and how to write, you are also learning to understand your own feelings, learning to look at them dispassionately enough to describe.

It is the effort of writing itself, not necessarily the work produced, that is valuable.

This effort somehow creates a small distance from your anguish.

Rather than being wrapped up in it and at its mercy, it becomes no less a burden but one that you can step away from for a bit. 
I remember trips where I was overwhelmed with heat and boredom and occasionally illiness; even as I was suffering, I remember thinking that the experience would make a great story to tell. 

I’m not implying that our collective journey is just a story to tell but that writing is a tool, like talking to a therapist, that allows us to deal better with the painful parts of life.

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