To the people in the FB Support Groups

Today was an interesting day. (I write trivial stuff on here because I have no one to talk to and I imagine that you all understand how I feel.)

My wife has been sleeping a lot and foggy when she is awake.

I asked her to make the salad for supper (while I get the rest) and she asked me to write the ingredients down.

Like any skill, seeing decline becomes easier with practice.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said ‘easier’; when I see she has changed, there is a little jolt in my heart but there is nothing to do but go on. Today she came in my office and tried to explain something and I could not understand. As it turns out she has noticed a missing piece of molding at the edge of the floor, missing for years perhaps and she is upset so I cut a piece and got some stain.

It is almost time for my one drink a day. (I have a rum and coke because alcohol is a great anxiolytic potion and, altho I don’t like the bite of alcohol, the coke hides it.) Supper tonight is spaghetti and meatballs with a salad.

I would like you all to move into my neighborhood so I can complain in person – but that probably won’t happen.

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