the value for a caregiver of support groups and keeping a journal

What is valuable is not finding answers to unanswerable questions; the value is in recognizing that we are not alone, our situations and our behaviors are not unique. There are many people who pass through this dark valley, perhaps not the exact same path but close enough that each of us can take some support from it.

Writing is very useful. It helps to clarify one’s feelings and, in the course of writing and rewriting, there is a kind of distancing phenomenon. If I am very upset or sad, then the effort of expressing the sadness, explaining why and rewriting so that the language fits the depth of feeling somehow leaches the real pain from the experience.

It is a strange experience to write, pain is diminished yet unhappiness is, if not magnified, at least recorded and made easier to remember.
I encourage writing, for every reason.

I do appreciate your reading these blog posts and I hope you will find the time to comment about any, or even all of them.

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