Why do Buddhists Pray? – notes from a non-theist foxhole.

How do non-theists handle the agony of caring for a loved one with this or any other disease?
In my travels, it has always been a mystery why Buddhists pray. After all, Buddhism is not a theistic tradition. There’s no god to believe in, no god to pray to and no expectation that the big man in the sky will listen and do something.

Buddhist prayer is more of a meditation on life, not thinking but understanding, letting of expectation that anyone or anything can affect the future and that the only future we can plan is our own.

I’ve been in many situations where the hope that there is some one or something that can help me is almost overwhelming, almost.
It would be nice to give up responsibility and get back hope.
But the world around me, the only evidence I have, tells me that all I really control is my behavior and my thoughts.
So I try to let go of anticipation of change, let go of expecting that the universe will respond to my wishes, let go of wishing that things would be better and accept the moment as it is, knowing that the moment will pass and then I will experience the next.

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